Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun ~

Let's see sasuke's album that i stole from his bedroom one years ago... to remember sasuke uchiha.

 When i open to the first page..
It's me, sasuke uchiha when im 4 years old ..

It's a secret, but me,sakura,and naruto already know each other from 4 years old...

It's my family with meeee :)

When i open the second page...
This is me when im 13 years old... im.. an avenger. i will kill my brother ! I HATE YOU BROTHER !

Ah.. i used a green color.. it's her eye's color... although im an avenger.. i still have someone that i love. someone who i want to marry.

Oh it's her ! im with her in a team ! team 7 ! with naruto -baka too. but im happy in this team. i hope i can forget about brother. Having a picnic with them, not a bad idea too,.

when i open the third page..
OH SHIT ! i really confuse today. should i join orochimaru ? so i can have a revenge to brother ? but.. i dont want to leave naruto.. my bestfriend.. and sakura.. my girl. i really weak.

Sorry. i must leave you sakura. i think this is the only way. this is my way. sakura, i will never forget you. i just can say thank you. i dont have any word. 

I dont want to tell about his shippuden memory. it will just make people think he was' bad.'

Salam hangat,
murid SD

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