Saturday, July 28, 2012

Road To ninja,manga !

EVERYONE !!! today is 28th July 2012 right ? ah im not wrong ! Today is road to ninja in japan ! road to ninja will be exhibited in Japan !! OMG !!! I cant wait . But, we can watch it in 2013. IM REALLY CURIOUS !!! how about you ?

Let's hunt road to ninja from now ! it's the most popular naruto shippuden movie right ? yes of course. everybody different. everybody change. everybody  strange.Yeah we must wait 1 years !? What the hell !? No way !

If we dont watch the movie, let us know the manga ! let me search.. um.. Ah  ! i got it !
Here's the link to downlaod.. but it's indonesian.. it's alright ? ah just translate it on google translate ! Just CLICK . okay.

That's all i can give to you guys ! See you later !

With love,
murid SD

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