Saturday, April 7, 2012

Please Masashi kishimoto !

Kalau aku bisaaa... minta permintaaan ke masashi Kishimoto... aku mau... Minta...

I Have a request for masashi kishimoto. Just short request ,But.. i hope he read it (maybe, it's possible :P)

Masashi kishimoto ! Can you upload Next chapter FASTER ! please ! one week is too long for me to wait. Especially, The next chapter ! i really curious WHat will Itachi Tell to sasuke!?!?! he said "i have something to tell you, but first we must beat this guy first" So,, just kill kabuto --'

*BTW i really like the new picture of naruto !
Masashi Kishimoto,can you give me .. Uhmm..clue, Will sasuke and naruto fight? you said yes, but... I kinda... confuse, sasuke is side on konoha, or madara? He side itachi , yes. But, itachi is helped konoha right? So,., Sasuke is In konoha's side. T_T also naruto. so???

Uhmm.. About the end of naruto ! Please Make any couple please ! especially sasusaku i really like it. i kinda confuse with narusaku,, but i prefer sasusaku (maybe); okay. Just that ! please make a really REALLY HAPPY ENDING.!

Masashi kishimoto, Ganbatte ! i hope your manga naruto getting better and better !

Murid SD.

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